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Spring COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

100Fold CIC has partnered with Glastonbury Health Centre to deliver the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme on behalf of West Mendip PCN.

Millie Day, our Operations Manager, has said "Leading the programme has been immensely rewarding, witnessing first-hand the positive impact it has on individuals’ lives and receiving heartfelt gratitude from the patients for their vaccinations".

Shown above is a photo that was taken by the team at Crandon Springs Care Home in Wells, whilst we visited to vaccinate their residents. The staff at Crandon Springs contributed to the programme by generously providing the team with coffee and cakes. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration within our system, no matter the size of the contributions, and just one of many stories of partnership throughout the years that the programme has been delivering the life-saving vaccinations.

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