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  • What is 100Fold?
    100Fold is a Community Interest Company based in Somerset, with the aim to support Primary and Secondary Care across the county (company number 13643904)
  • What is the aim and what have 100Fold done so far?
    Our aim is to provide people and solutions to primary care and other NHS services. Initially, we made a vital contribution in supporting the Covid Vaccination Program and consequently have a bank of Vaccinators and Admin employees who have a range of clinical and non-clinical experience. The way in which the providers of Somerset have come together to deal with the pandemic and the vaccination program gives us hope for the future. We have proven that Somerset has the capacity to embrace change to improve services for the population and deliver the best level of service that we believe is possible. Latterly, 100Fold have been awarded the contract to develop and deploy a GP Flexible Pool. We currently have a number of GPs employed in the pool to support Somerset practices
  • Who are the 100Fold Team?
    100Fold currently consists of two directors, Dr Steve Edgar and Georgina Ball, and three central staff (Millie Day, Sandra Galpin and Kelsey Lennon) as well as many bank and other employees. For more information on the Central Team, please see 'Meet the Team' page.
  • Why the name 100Fold?
    In south Somerset the Hundred Stone was an ancient gathering point of the community, Somerset was made up of a many hundreds. It links us with our community and the people we both serve and belong to.
  • Who funds 100Fold?
    Funding for the 100Fold has come from Somerset CCG/ICB to support the vaccination program and the GP Flexible Pool. Further funding streams will be sought as appropriate. Where services provided by 100Fold are profit making, the profits will be spent on services for the people of Somerset.
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